MPS follows methodology of Cognitive Inference Accelerated Learning Program in which energies are invested in providing education in life of student . established in 2015 by Shree Mahesh Sewa Samiti, Bhilwara.


Smart Classes

  • All the classes are fitted with smart classes. Overall 28 smart classes are structured in the school.
  • Every Smart class has state of art technology interface.
  • All the Smart Classes are centrally connected with main server for content access.
  • All the smart classes are fitted with customized solutions.
  • All the smarts classes are centrally supervised and centrally access of intervention is provided.

  • Computer’s Lab

  • All the computers are having i5and aboveconfiguration.
  • All the PCs have licensed windows 10 and above advanced operatingsoftware.
  • Computers Lab is centrally networked and server operated to make surveillance accessible.
  • All the computers in Lab provided with fiber optic lease line internet.
  • Students are taught with advanced language and programs other than prescribed coursed.
  • Facility of per student per PC is provided in computer lab.

  • Transportation

    The need for safe passage of each child to school and back home is of paramount importance to us. An overview to ensure safe travel to all students:

  • The school has its own fleet of school buses.
  • Buses aredesignedand fitted as per the safety standards and norms.
  • Transport manager is appointed to look after operational management.
  • School Coordinators and authorities are present to oversee and analyses conduction of transport.
  • Each bus has Trained Driver (with valid licenseand ID Card provided by school) along with trained and skilled attendant.
  • GPS System are installed in all buses.
  • Personnel sensitized are also available for the small needs of students.
  • All the buses are fitted with requisite first aid as per government guidelines such as speed governors.

  • Laboratory

  • Science Lab is fitted with Equipments and accessories as per cbsc guidelines.
  • LSM (Laboratory Safety Manual) and safety measures is available in the lab.
  • Science lab infrastructure is well furnished, equipped with requisite technology and safety measures including comprehensive first aid kit.
  • Specimens are provided according to the planning to the students to examine or study their course topics.
  • Lab assistant is put at work.
  • MPS emphasize learning in experience.

  • Library

  • Equipped with all modern amenities.
  • A huge collection of academic fictions, biographies, contemporary books.
  • Students are given full access to library.
  • Special seminar and conduction of programs are organized to develop reading habits amongst student.
  • Students are trained and taught about utilities of books
  • Quite specious and located away from distractions.



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